MacCuff™ mini 2


MacCuff™ mini 2

Bracket to mount and secure a Mac mini to the back of a monitor (using VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes), under a table, or on a wall.

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MacCuff™ mini 2

Bracket to mount and secure a Mac mini to the back of a monitor (using VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes), under a table, or on a wall.

Design Enclosure Supports Mid 2010 through Early 2020 Models

Versatile and Secure Mounting for Mac mini

Move your Mac mini off the desktop! Sonnet’s MacCuff™ mini 2 security mounting bracket frees up space by attaching your computer to the back of a display—or to a desk, shelf, or wall—while allowing full access to its ports and power switch. Attached on the back of a display using its extra VESA mounting holes (four holes in a square pattern), the MacCuff mini 2 securely holds your Mac mini in place.

Placed on the back of a display, your computer disappears leaving only cables to hide—Sonnet includes a special 35 cm (14-inch) short HDMI monitor cable to simplify that task. MacCuff mini 2 also supports simple cable management to help tame cable clutter.

Where to Mount

Many displays include extra VESA mounting holes (four holes in a square pattern), perfect for attaching a MacCuff mini 2.



Key Features
  • Secures Your Mac mini to the Back of a Monitor—Mounts to your display’s extra VESA mounting holes (VESA 75 and 100 patterns supported) with included screws
  • Secures Your Mac mini Under or On a Desk or Table, or Even On a Wall—Simple installation using included drill template and included screws
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Design with a Refined Finish—Prevents scratches while protecting your computer
  • Provides Wraparound, Pry-Resistant Security—With the included steel locking bar installed and your padlock attached, your computer is secured on all sides
  • Kensington Lock Compatible—Includes Kensington Security Slot on locking bar
  • Simple Installation—Includes concise documentation
  • Includes 35 cm (14 inch) HDMI Monitor Cable—Reduces cable clutter when MacCuff mini 2 attached to the back of your monitor
  • Offers Simple Cable Management—Enables you to secure power cord and other cables; prevents accidental unplugging
  • Lifetime Customer Support
Heavy Duty, Light Touch

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, MacCuff mini 2 firmly holds your Mac mini in place, yet delivers a light touch—its refined double powder-coated finish won’t scuff or scratch the computer.


Wraparound Security

Unlike cheap brackets that merely hold a computer in place, or others that provide minimal protection, MacCuff mini 2 is pry-resistant and provides theft deterrence all around.


Lock It Up

With the included steel locking bar(2) installed and your padlock (sold separately) attached, MacCuff mini 2 is resistant and secures your computer on all sides.

Kensington Lock Ready

Secure the Mac mini and the monitor with one Kensington® lock!



Easy Installation

MacCuff mini 2 installation is simple. Sonnet provides easy-to-follow instructions (in case you actually need them), and the necessary hardware to secure the bracket. For back-of-monitor mounting, just use the four supplied machine screws. For under-desk, tabletop, or wall mounting, simply tape the included drill hole guide to the surface, drill pilot holes, and then secure MacCuff mini 2 using the four supplied wood screws.



Additional information

Dimensions 20.1 × 21.0 × 3.9 cm

Form Factor

VESA Mount

75 mm or 100 mm hole pattern

Lock Shackle Maximum Diameter

9/32 in. (7 mm)


Mac Compatibility

Mac mini [mid 2010 (4,1) through current (2020) Intel® and Apple® M1 models
Apple Airport Time Capsule® (first-fourth generation; early 2008-mid 2011 square, low-profile models)

In The Box

MacCuff mini 2 Bracket
Locking bar(1)
35 cm (14 in.) HDMI cable
4 wood screws
4 machine screws
2 cable ties
Documentation with drill template


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