LMP miniStore SSD


LMP Ministore SSD: storage solution for Mac mini


LMP Ministore SSD: storage solution for Mac mini

All sizes supported!

This discrete and compact external enclosure completely disappears under your Mac mini, in such a way to preserve the design of your machine.

Most importantly, all sizes of M.2 PCIe and NVMe SSD can be installed in the LMP miniStore SSD, allowing you to exploit the maximum SSD capacity of your Mac mini!

The tech specs of your LMP miniStore SSD:

–    M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD enclosure
–    For Mac mini (2018 and newer incl. M1)
–    For 22×40 mm, 22×60 mm and 22×80 mm M.2 SSD
–    Easy, screwless installation
–    Minimal visual change to the Mac mini
–    USB-C Gen 2 connection (up to 950 MB/s)
–    Customized right-angled USB-C data cable




Additional information

Supported Apple Devices

Mac mini (2018 – 2020)


SSD Compatibility

M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD 2242 (22×42 mm), 2260 (22×60 mm), 2280 (22×80 mm)

Transfer Rate


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